A Healthier Scotland...

“I want you to be treated safely and quickly”
My vision is of a health service that continues to deliver fast treatment, as close to home as possible. The hard work of our NHS staff over these past years has seen waiting times fall to record lows and we have pledged to continue this progress.
However, we know that how well a patient is treated is as important as how quickly they are treated, That is why we believe in an NHS where health inequalities are reduced and patient care and patient wellbeing are the top priority.

That means an ongoing effort to ensure clean, safe hospitals, well trained and appreciated staff and modern facilities across the country.

Over the past four years the SNP Government has been working hard to deliver this vision and with your support, over the next four years, we can deliver even more improvements to our NHS.

The health service touches the life of every person in our country. It is at the very heart of our public services. That is why we are, as promised, protecting health budgets in the face of the biggest cut in Scottish spending in a generation. We will also direct resources, as far as possible to the frontline. For example, we are pledged to reduce the numbers of senior managers in the NHS by 25% over the next parliament and we will look at ways to further streamline the work of our special health boards, including ensuring further integration between NHS 24 and the Scottish Ambulance Service.

My aim is to ensure continuous improvement in our health care, but also to support you to make the right health choices. It is to deliver a health service that remains public free and at the point of need. With your support we can deliver on this vision for Scotland’s health service. Together we can make Scotland healthier.

The Health Service has seen some important improvements over the past three years including the protection of many vital local facilities, a reduction in waiting times and a big fall in the rates of hospital acquired infections. 

We know, of course, that there is more to do and that is why we will protect the NHS budget in Scotland for the duration of the next Parliamentary term - ensuring frontline health services are protected in real terms and allow us to drive forward continuous improvement in the quality of healthcare services in the interests of our economy and the health and wellbeing of communities across Scotland. 

Scotland has the potential to be a great sporting nation.  We are known worldwide for the passion with which we support our sporting teams. With the right facilities, and the right attitude, we can help to improve the nation’s health, and productivity.

There is no doubt that families across Scotland are feeling the strain of tough UK Government cuts. Unfortunately, these cuts do not only have an immediate effect but are also expected to have an impact on future investment.