WASPI: explained in 200 words

By , 29/11/17

The Tories have drastically sped-up the equalisation of the State Pension Age – denying women born in the 1950s the pensions they are due. This has affected 2.6 million women and led to an increase in poverty.

How did we get here?

The decision to equalise the State Pension Age of women and men at 65 was taken in 1995 but the UK government did not start properly informing women of these changes until 2009 – one year before the changes started taking effect. The changes were then accelerated in 2011, leaving little time for many of the women to make adequate financial preparations.

Fixing the problem

SNP-commissioned research found that it would cost £8 billion to reverse the 2011 changes and give WASPI women more time to prepare - significantly less than the £30 billion suggested by the UK government.

Yet time after time the UK government has refused to right this wrong.

Fighting for WASPI

The SNP won’t give up fighting for the WASPI women. At Westminster we’re using every opportunity to force the government to consider transitional arrangements. We have now defeated the government three times on this issue.

Scottish Tory MPs, who pledged support to WASPI women, should stand up for their constituents instead of rubber stamping Theresa May’s agenda.

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