Empowering schools, teachers and parents

By , 07/11/17

Scotland’s teachers deserve our unreserved praise for the education they are providing our young people, day in and day out. Scotland has a good education system.


Under the SNP, Higher exam passes are up a third. A record number of school leavers are going on to continued education, training or work. And more young people than ever before are studying at university - including more young people from deprived backgrounds.

But there’s much still to do. The life chances of our young people must not be determined by where they’re born, or what their background is. Our young people must be given the best start in life - to ensure they can take advantage of the opportunities of tomorrow. 

We’re taking action to empower schools, improve education and enhance the life chances of our children and young people. Here’s how.

📚 We’re putting more money into schools to tackle the attainment gap.

We’re investing £750 million to tackle the attainment gap between pupils from the least and most wealthy backgrounds - with £120 million going direct to teachers this year alone through the Pupil Equity Fund. Our reforms mean schools will have more control over funding, and we will carry out a consultation on fair funding too.

📚 Schools will have freedom to make their own decisions.

New powers for schools will put them in charge of key decisions about a child’s education, including responsibility for raising attainment and closing the poverty-related attainment gap. 

Schools will have more freedom about their curriculum, improvement and funding and headteachers will have more say in choosing school staff and management structure.


📚 We want Scotland to be a world leader in parent and family involvement in schools.

That’s why our reforms ensure every school will have a teacher or professional responsible for promoting parental, family and community engagement. Parental involvement will also be strengthened through enhanced parent councils. And schools will be required to promote and support pupil participation.

📚 We want more and better information on the progress of children.

We are introducing detailed measurement system to tell us what is working – and what is not working – in our schools. The National Improvement Framework will gather teacher judgement information on children’s progress, informed by national standardised assessments.

📚 We’re providing teachers with fresh support.

We are committed to maintaining teacher numbers and have increased teacher training places for six consecutive years. We’ll provide new career and development opportunities for teachers, and new Regional Improvement Collaboratives, working across councils, will provide improve support for teachers, including access to teams of attainment experts.

The Scottish Government has launched a consultation on an Education Bill to empower teachers, parents and pupils to improve education, you can respond here.


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