What is the SNP doing in government to reduce Scotland’s suicide rate?

Over the last decade, Scotland has made big progress in reducing the number of suicides. Between 2002-2006 and 2013-2017, the rate of death by suicide in Scotland fell by 20 per cent.

We know that, as a country, we have much more to do. That’s why the Scottish Government has launched a new Suicide Prevention Action Plan – setting a new goal of reducing Scotland’s suicide rate by 20 per cent by 2022.

To meet this, a new National Suicide Prevention Leadership Group will be set up, chaired by former Deputy Chief Constable Rose Fitzpatrick and backed up with a new £3 million innovation fund.

The Plan also includes:

  • refreshed mental health and suicide prevention training for the public and private sectors;
  • requiring all NHS staff to receive training;
  • developing reviews of all deaths by suicide and ensuring lessons are acted on;
  • developing innovative ways to use digital technology to prevent suicide; and
  • public awareness campaigns co-ordinated by the government, NSPLG and partners.