Get involved

During the SNP Depute Leadership contest, all candidates promised to make changes to the way the party works to create more opportunities for the involvement of our members.

The SNP decision-making body – the National Executive Committee – has now agreed to make changes to better engage members in party decision making, and offer more training opportunities for activists.  


The changes, proposed by new Depute Leader Angus Robertson MP, will include:

  • At least two meetings of the National Assembly in 2017 – a policy discussion and development forum that all members can attend.

  • Regional Assemblies for members will be trialled too.

  • New opportunities will be offered to members to learn more about how the SNP works, how to campaign, to develop political skills and prepare for potentially standing for election.

  • ‘SNP College’, which already offers high quality training for activists, will be fully integrated into National Conference and other party meetings.   

That’s all in addition to the opportunities that already exist for members to get involved, including our National Conference meetings. At our Annual Conference in October, 3,000 delegates packed out the Clyde Auditorium in Glasgow and took part in 35 policy debates and 120 fringe events.

We already have a strong grassroots tradition in the SNP and the new reforms will help to provide more opportunities for members to get involved. If you’re not already a member, it couldn’t be easier, click the link below and join online today.