Delivering For Glasgow

Today I stood with the SNP’s team of candidates for Glasgow to launch our manifesto for this great city. We have 56 candidates from all sorts of backgrounds and walks of life. We all share the passion and commitment of the people who live here for making our city the best we know it can be.

Glasgow needs change. The SNP’s pledge to the people of Glasgow is to deliver that change – not just for the sake of it, but to change the political leadership and culture of Glasgow City Council that will generate new ways of thinking and responding to the challenges and opportunities that face the city.

For our schools, we’ll work to eliminate educational attainment gap in our city, with £21 million going directly into our city’s schools from the Scottish Government’s Pupil Equity Fund.

We’ll build a better Glasgow, working with all of the city’s housing associations to make sure that – at the very least – Glasgow builds our share of the national target of 50,000 new affordable homes, with 35,000 for social rent.

New Neighbourhood Officers will oversee the cleansing and maintenance of local areas – someone who knows the streets and public spaces they’re responsible for and someone that local people will know how to contact to get things done.

From day one we’ll start to hand over power and resources to the communities, neighbourhoods and people of this city, and support the devolution of 1 per cent of the Council’s entire budget to local level – the equivalent of £1 million for every electoral ward in the city.

We’ll put real political drive behind making the integration of health and social care a success, to help people to maintain independent lives in the community for as long as possible.

We’ll launch a new Glasgow Partnership for Economic Growth, putting into action plans to create secure, decently paid jobs across the city; give our young people they skills they need for the future; and ensure that all of our citizens benefit from Glasgow’s success.

Between now and election day on May 4, Glasgow SNP will work every day to earn the trust of the people of Glasgow – and after May 4, we will work every day to preserve it. The support of the people of Glasgow will be repaid with hard work and determination to deliver. 

This election represents a historic opportunity to make a real and positive change for Glasgow, making a break with the past – and taking a step towards the future.

The SNP are ready to lead, to serve and to work for Glasgow. 

The next steps to a better Glasgow start here.

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