#SP16 in numbers

By , 06/05/16

The SNP has won an historic third term in the Scottish Parliament with 63 MSPs, over a million votes in Scotland’s constituencies – a first – and the highest share of the constituency vote ever achieved.

Here’s a run-down of the Scottish Parliament 2016 Holyrood election in numbers:

  • At over a million, the SNP polled a record number of constituency votes – 1,059,897 to be precise. No party has ever done this before. The previous highest number was 908,392, polled by Labour in 1999.

  • In fact, the SNP polled more than Labour and the Tories put together. Collectively they polled 1,016,105 votes.

  • The SNP has won 59 constituency seats, surpassing the previous record of 53 seats, achieved by Labour in 1999, as well as the SNP in 2011.

  • The SNP has polled 46.5 per cent in the constituency vote, up from 45.4 per cent in 2011. This is higher than the previous record.

  • The SNP won a clean sweep of six out of Scotland’s seven cities: Glasgow, Dundee, Aberdeen, Inverness, Stirling and Perth.

  • The Liberal Democrats made no progress. They won the same number of seats and their constituency vote is down to its lowest level since devolution.

  • This is the lowest Labour vote in Scotland since the First World War, and the last time they finished third was 1910.


You can join the SNP here.

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