#SNP16 in numbers

Tomorrow SNP conference kicks off at the SECC in Glasgow – the biggest party conference in the UK.

And, unlike other parties, we can always look forward to thriving, inclusive and lively debate.

Here’s #SNP16 in numbers.

3,000 delegates will pack out the Clyde Auditorium. That’s more than double the 1,350 capacity of the UK Labour conference and a third more than the UK Tory conference hall, which had capacity to hold around 2,000 delegates. 


35 debates, ranging from protecting Scotland’s place in Europe to tackling child poverty. The UK Labour Party held just eight policy discussions at their conference earlier this year. The UK Tories had none.


500 members of the media, covering the three days of conference in newspapers, on TV and radio, and online.


120 fringe events, hosted by organisations including campaigns, charities and think-tanks. 


60 exhibitors
 representing charities, campaigning groups and businesses.


And if you’re going to conference, you can plan your days – from breakfast to the wee small hours – using our brand new SNP conference app.

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