The environment

Turning environmental concerns into ambition

Scotland has a spectacular natural environment and rich biodiversity, and our country is giving a leading example on tackling climate change.

The world-leading climate change legislation passed by the Scottish Parliament in 2009 demonstrates Scotalnd's progressive approach to the protection of the environment, and makes Scotland a respected and valued player on the international stage.

Our £10 million Saltire prize for marine energy innovation has made Scotland a focal point for research and deployment of marine renewable technology. 

We've reduced the carbon footprint of our rail network by delivering 218 miles of new electrified track across the country. 

We've introduced a carrier bag charge to encourage Scots to really think about how many bags they're using and whether they could re-use more of them to reduce their impact on the environment. The charge will also benefit Scotland through retailers signing up to the Carrier Bag Commitment, which will see the proceeds of the charge being donated to good causes.

And, there will be no new nuclear power stations in Scotland with the SNP.