• Hospital waiting times set a new record low

    Health and Wellbeing

    We have worked very closely with the NHS over the last few years and recognise the exceptional work they have done in reducing waiting times to a record low. However, we believe that how well a patient is treated is just as important as how fast they are treated. That is why we are increasing funding for NHS health boards for 2013-14 and working closely with the NHS to ensure patient well being is a top priority.

  • Investing in communities to support growth

    The economy

    Despite the worst recession in 30 years we have managed to steer Scotland on the road to recovery. By reducing bureaucracy we have saved over £100M that we have reinvested to create more jobs for the Scottish workforce. Furthermore we have frozen the council tax for another two years and switched three quarters of a billion pounds from revenue to support capital spending.

  • More police means lowest crime rate for 37 years


    We have worked hard to provide a further 1000 police officers in Scotland which we are proud to say has had dramatic results with crime levels the lowest they have been for over 37 years. We know how important these extra officers are and despite economic pressures we will ensure these officers are kept on the job.

  • 358 new schools built or refurbished


    Since 2007 we have built or refurbished 358 schools as part of our schools modernisation policy many of which are in areas that were disadvantaged in the past. Furthermore, we believe education is a right and should be free. This is why we fought to ensure that no Scottish student will be charged tuition fees while studying at a Scottish university.

  • Turning environmental concerns into ambition

    The environment

    As a government we have championed a number of renewable energy initiatives. Take for example the North Sea Super grid. The grid allows Scotland to supply Europe with renewable energy generated by the abundant wind and wave power available just off the coast of Scotland in the North Sea. It is estimated that this initiative alone will lead to 1000s of rural jobs.