Catriona MacDonald

Edinburgh South

Catriona first joined the SNP at the age of sixteen, when a referendum on Scottish independence was announced.


She is the owner of a café and community art space in Edinburgh, which she co-founded with her mum in 2016. She has also worked for Joanna Cherry QC MP, where her work involved liaising with charities and community organisations, as well as specialising in casework relating to immigration and asylum issues.


Catriona co-founded a chapter of Common Weal in Edinburgh to promote local democracy and campaign for social and economic equality. She has particularly focused on planning issues and how to achieve climate justice at a local level.


Growing up, Catriona spent several years in China, where she attended a state middle school. She became a Youth Ambassador for the Scotland-China Education Network in 2012 and joined the Cross-Party Group on China in the Scottish Parliament.