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Europe is good for Scotland. It brings us jobs, growth and investment. It means you get cheaper prices in supermarkets, cheaper flights and lower phone charges when traveling. Europe has delivered valuable rights and protections in the workplace. That’s why the SNP is backing a Remain vote in the referendum.

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Europe is good for Scotland Be a voter and help to keep Scotland in Europe on June 23

More jobs

Being in Europe helps business create more jobs for Scottish families - with 336,000 Scottish jobs linked to trade with the EU.

Protecting workers’ rights

Vital employment rights are safeguarded by EU law, including guaranteed holiday pay and paid maternity leave.

Lower prices

Being in Europe means lower prices in shops in Scotland, with an average household saving of over £350 a year.

Opportunities for young people

Scottish students can train and study in the EU, under the same terms as they do at home.

Easier, safer, cheaper travel

EU holidaymakers are entitled to compensation for delayed or cancelled travel, the public healthcare they get at home, and no more roaming charges from next year.

Tackling climate change and polution

EU Member States work together on global challenges like climate change and pollution, and talk as equals with big powers like China, India and the USA.

Building a better Scotland

The EU is helping to fund projects across Scotland, adding up to millions in investment and supporting local jobs.

Supporting farming and rural communities

Hundreds of millions are pumped into the rural economy every year to support our farmers and help build sustainable rural communities.

More trade

Scottish businesses are free to trade with other EU countries with no tarrifs or barriers - and Scotland's exports to the EU are worth £11.6 billion.

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