We can't rely on the Tories for a fair society so we must do it ourselves

The devastating reality of Tory cuts became even clearer this week when the Trussell Trust published statistics showing that even more families are having to rely on foodbanks to get by.



Investing in mental health services for young people

Good mental wellbeing is as important as good physical health. This is as true for children and young people as it is for everyone else.



Almost 72,500 affordable homes delivered but we're just getting going

Having a home of your own really matters. We all want somewhere warm and safe to go back to at the end of a long day, to bring up children, to make new memories or grow old with our partners. A home is where much of our life happens.



Complete correspondence between SNP and Cambridge Analytica/SCL Group

On 7th February 2016, we contacted a company called Cambridge Analytica to find out more about their services.


Scotland’s Social Security Bill: what you need to know

The landmark Social Security Bill was unanimously passed by it Scottish Parliament. It marks a new milestone in the development of a Scottish social security system with dignity and respect at its heart.



Fact check: the Tories’ EU Withdrawal Bill offer

We want an agreement with the UK government on their EU Withdrawal Bill and will continue to work for one.



Statement by Scotland’s Brexit Minister on the EU Withdrawal Bill

Below is a statement given by Michael Russell, Scotland's Minister for UK Negotiations on Scotland's Place in Europe, on Westminster's EU (Withdrawal) Bill.



Tories treatment of the Windrush generation is a disgrace

How can Amber Rudd carry on as Home Secretary? The Tories’ treatment of the Windrush generation is a disgrace. The UK invited thousands to come here after the war and help rebuild the United Kingdom. They did exactly that – working in the NHS and public services and contributing so much to our economy and society.



Tories lived up to their ‘nasty party’ reputation this week

This week we’ve seen the true face of the Tory government. From their callous dismissal of the human impact of welfare cuts, to their heartless immigration policy, the Tories are fully living up to their ‘nasty party’ reputation.


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