Nicola Sturgeon: A spirit of Scottish assertiveness will fight an extreme Brexit

The year ahead has the potential to be one of the most significant in Scotland’s recent history. I believe that it will be a year in which a new Scotland continues to emerge – an emboldened, more confident and more assertive nation.



Theresa May needs to show backbone over sexist Toby Young appointment

Nepotism is known to be common in politics.


But we could see it particularly clearly last week when right-wing commentator Toby Young was given a position with the UK Government as a board member of a new universities regulator.



My New Year's resolution is to hold the Tories to account when they let Scotland down

Happy New Year! As you read this - maybe like me - you are thinking about some New Year's resolutions. In politics, politicians make resolutions all the time.



Progress: 2017 in numbers

This year we opened the tallest bridge in the UK, delivered 22,000 baby boxes and seen more students gain a place at Scottish universities than ever before.



9 ways we've stood up for Scotland this year

The past 12 months have seen continued Westminster cuts and the damaging impact of a Tory Brexit - but the SNP has chosen a different path and delivered for everyone in Scotland.



Mental health at Christmas

On my way to parliament this morning I heard a report on the radio that the number of calls to Childline had increased last Christmas; now the charity claims that there is a positive way to look at this as it shows that more children are aware of the service and feel like it’s reassuring that children know they have someone to talk to.



Save our banks

Communities across Scotland, particular in our rural areas, are rightly concerned about the impact the decision by RBS to close branches, including in some cases the last branch in the community, will have on local businesses, employees, the elderly and vulnerable and all those who need access to banking services.


A budget for equality

Derek Mackay has announced the Scottish Government’s budget plans for the year ahead. You can read a quick summary of the budget here.



Scottish budget: what it means for older people

The Scottish Government has set out its budget plans for the year ahead. You can read a summary here.


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