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Two years on from the Brexit referendum: here’s what we know

On 23 June 2016 Scotland voted decisively to remain in Europe. Since then the Tory government has been so riven by infighting that they are left united on just one issue – a power grab on the Scottish Parliament which rips up the founding principles of devolution.



Brexit Minister Michael Russell’s statement to Parliament on the EU Withdrawal Bill

Below is a statement given to the Scottish Parliament by the Minister for UK Negotiations on Scotland's Place in Europe, Michael Russell MSP.



How we’re working to end homelessness

Scotland has made huge progress in tackling homelessness. In fact, some of the action taken has been truly world leading. We have seen a long term decrease in homelessness in Scotland but we are also aware of worrying signs of an increase in rough sleeping.



Scotland will not be silenced on Tory power grab

The Tories really do think they can do whatever they like to Scotland and get away with it.



Five ways the SNP is supporting carers

This week is Carers Week, where we reflect on the priceless contribution that Scotland’s 788,000 carers make to our society. In government we’re working to ensure that their contribution is duly valued and properly supported.



We will continue to stand up for Scotland and the Scottish Parliament

SNP MPs left the chamber yesterday in protest because Scotland has been silenced on Brexit. Because we are witnessing a constitutional crisis where the Scottish Parliament is being ignored, and because the devolution settlement has been shafted by this Tory government – yet we were not given the opportunity to debate this.



Maintaining Scotland’s global leadership on climate change and the environment

In 2009, the Scottish Parliament passed one of the most ambitious climate change laws anywhere in the world. The latest statistics show we remain well on track to achieve a 42 per cent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2020.



EU Withdrawal Bill power grab: what you need to know

This week the House of Commons will debate the EU Withdrawal Bill.


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