Nicola Sturgeon: the hard Brexiteers have had their chance and failed

This week the Scottish Government will publish a detailed study on the implications of leaving the European Union. Here’s what First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has said ahead of the publication.



The Saturday Brexit briefing

When it came to Brexit news, 2018 began much as 2017 ended - with The Tories breaking promises to Scotland on protecting devolution and Labour backing up their extreme Brexit plans.



How we’re cutting plastic waste in Scotland

Plastic doesn’t biodegrade, making it important to reduce the amount of plastic we waste and recycle more.



Ian Blackford: time is running out to prevent an extreme Brexit that risks jobs

As the UK government moves into the critical second phase of the Brexit negotiations, and with just ten months to go before a deal is due to be in place between the UK and EU, time is running out to prevent the unprecedented economic catastrophe of an extreme Tory Brexit.



How we’re helping young people find fair work

Over the past ten years we’ve taken action help young people get into work. We have met our target to reduce youth unemployment by 40 per cent, four years ahead of schedule, with a rate that is amongst the lowest in the EU.



Fact check: the Tory record on the environment

It’s more than a decade since David Cameron hugged a husky and urged people to ‘Vote Blue, Go Green’ - yet the Tory record on the environment has never matched this rhetoric.



Our plan to end exploitative work

While Scotland now has a lower proportion of workers on zero-hours contracts than the UK average, too many people aren’t given the job security they deserve from their employer.



Nicola Sturgeon: A spirit of Scottish assertiveness will fight an extreme Brexit

The year ahead has the potential to be one of the most significant in Scotland’s recent history. I believe that it will be a year in which a new Scotland continues to emerge – an emboldened, more confident and more assertive nation.



Theresa May needs to show backbone over sexist Toby Young appointment

Nepotism is known to be common in politics.


But we could see it particularly clearly last week when right-wing commentator Toby Young was given a position with the UK Government as a board member of a new universities regulator.


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