Ruth Davidson's band of Westminster MPs stand on the sidelines as thousands are pushed into poverty by Tories' Universal Credit rollout

It won’t surprise anyone to hear that I’m no fan of the Tories and their right-wing politics – but this week Ruth Davidson’s band of Scottish Tory MPs sunk to a new low. Across Scotland thousands of families are being pushed into poverty, debt and destitution as the UK government rolls out its disastrous Universal Credit system.


Factcheck: the Tory promises to shipyard workers on the Clyde

Scottish shipyards have been sold down the river by the Tories.



Universal Credit: a human and political catastrophe

A human and political catastrophe. That’s how veteran Labour MP Frank Field –  Chair of the influential Work and Pensions Select Committee – recently described the UK government’s roll-out of Universal Credit.



Why the Tory government must change course on the economy

Scotland’s economy has underlying strengths: employment is at a record high, unemployment is at record low levels, exports are going up faster than the UK and Scotland is the top destination for foreign direct investment in the UK, outside London.



Rollout of Universal Credit is an unmitigated disaster and it must be stopped

If you haven’t heard of Universal Credit, you will soon – unless the Tories wake up to the reality of the situation facing families across the United Kingdom, do the right thing and change their plans.


Power for the people

The First Minister rounded off her address to the SNP’s Conference in Glasgow on Tuesday with a quote from the late Canon Kenyon Wright: “There is another way. It is marked ‘The Road of Hope’. Hope for a new nation at ease with its past, confident in its present and hopeful for its future.”



What a ‘no deal’ Brexit will mean

On 29 March 2017, the Prime Minister informed the European Commission that the UK intends to leave the EU. Under EU membership rules that means that the UK will quit the EU on 29 March 2019 – with just two years to negotiate a new deal to govern our relationship with Europe.



Nicola Sturgeon’s conference speech: what you need to know

Nicola Sturgeon has delivered her 2017 conference speech. It’s a speech that sets out the next steps in delivering our progressive vision for the future – a vision that puts Scotland in the driving seat of change. Get the speech in full here.



Nicola Sturgeon’s speech to the SNP conference

Below is First Minister Nicola Sturgeon’s speech to the 2017 SNP conference in Glasgow. Check against delivery.


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