13 facts about the health service under the SNP

We all rely on our NHS - that’s why we want to make sure it’s fit for the future. Under the SNP health funding, NHS staffing and patient satisfaction are all at record highs.



We’re on track to deliver a transformation in childcare provision

I want to ensure that every single child in Scotland gets the very best start in life.



The Tories are letting young people down but the SNP will continue to lead the way

Last week marked a decade since the SNP government scrapped university tuition fees in Scotland. The SNP’s policy of free university education, based on your ability to learn not your ability to pay, has enabled around 270,000 Scottish students to graduate free of charge since 2007.


Brexit: what happened this week

A lot has happened this week on Brexit: from the Scottish Government introducing a Bill to protect devolution, to the UK government’s latest shambolic negotiation efforts.



10 must read books for 2018: chosen by Nicola Sturgeon, Ian Blackford and others

March 1st is World Book Day, so we asked some of the SNP's most avid readers to give us their must read books for 2018. Happy World Book Day - get reading!

And why not tell us on social media what your favourite and must read books of 2018 are too?



Scottish EU Continuity Bill and UK Withdrawal Bill: in 200 words

The UK Withdrawal Bill is making its way through Westminster and the Scottish Government has passed a Scottish EU Continuity Bill.



Statement by Scotland’s Brexit Minister on the introduction of the Scottish Continuity Bill

Below is a statement given by Michael Russell, Scotland's Minister for UK Negotiations on Scotland's Place in Europe, on the Scottish Continuity Bill. Check against delivery. 



Ruth Davidson has lost control of a Tory party that is letting Scotland down

After months of bluff and bluster, we now know that all of Ruth Davidson’s boasts and assurances about Brexit were nothing more than empty promises.



Scottish budget: what it means for rural communities

The SNP budget for the year ahead has been passed by the Scottish Parliament. You can read a summary here.


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