The Week in Review: 23 – 29 Nov

It’s been yet another busy week for the SNP, campaigning for every vote in constituencies across the country and launching our election manifesto. Here’s a quick round up of all the latest news.

📍 On Saturday Nicola Sturgeon was in Leven, supporting SNP candidates Stephen Gethins and Peter Grant.

📍 On Sunday Nicola Sturgeon wrote about her opposition to nuclear weapons in the Guardian. She said: “I’ve always been astounded that UK governments pay the enormous cost of maintaining these dangerous weapons, while children grow up in poverty in their shadow.”

📍 On Monday Derek Mackay was in East Dunbartonshire, supporting SNP candidate Amy Callaghan.

📍 Later that day Nicola Sturgeon was on Sky News, setting out the SNP’s key messages for this election.

📍 On Tuesday the SNP announced a new policy of ‘daddy leave’ ahead of its manifesto launch.

📍 Wednesday saw the launch of the SNP’s General Election manifesto in Glasgow. Nicola Sturgeon highlighted the need for Scottish voters to back the SNP as the best way of locking the Tories out of office.

📍 Later that night Joanna Cherry appeared on BBC Scotland’s Debate Night, highlighting how the SNP was taking the tax burden off the lower paid.

📍 On Thursday Nicola Sturgeon was answering First Minister’s Questions in the Scottish Parliament. She criticised Tory governments at Westminster for cutting Scotland’s budget whilst delivering tax cuts for the rich.

📍 Later that day a new poll was published – it found that support for Scottish independence has risen to 50%, putting the Yes movement on a good footing for a 2020 referendum.

📍 That night Nicola Sturgeon appeared on the Channel 4 Climate Change debate – the no-show Tories were represented by an ice block.

📍 By Friday afternoon Nicola Sturgeon was on her way to yet another televised debate, this time the BBC leaders’ debate in Cardiff. Catch the debate tonight at 7pm on BBC One.