The #GE2019 Bus Tour: rolling updates

For the final week before the crucial general election on December 12th, we’re setting out on a national campaign bus tour, taking our message to every corner of Scotland.

Stay updated here for all the key moments.


Day 6: Dundonald, Ayrshire

Nicola Sturgeon joined Dr Philippa Whitford at the West Coast Accelerator, a centre for start-ups and entrepreneurs in Ayrshire that helps young people into business, along SNP activists and WASPI women.

On a busy campaign visit, Nicola Sturgeon addressed activists on the threats of Boris Johnson’s extreme Brexit and the opportunity to build a fairer society as an independent country in Europe.


Day 6: Eaglesham, East Renfewshire

The campaign bus went on to visit East Renfrewshire, where the SNP’s Kirsten Oswald is the main challenger to the Tory incumbent, Paul Masterton.

Nicola Sturgeon joined Kirsten Oswald and scores of dedicated SNP activists for a quick knitting session at the award-winning Orry Mill wool shop in Eaglesham, along WASPI campaigners demanding pension justice after having been robbed of their pensions by Tory governments.

On Thursday, a vote for the SNP is a vote to lock the Tories out, escape Brexit and deliver long overdue justice for WASPI women.


Day 6: Paisley, Renfrewshire

The SNP bus tour kicked off its sixth day, with less than 48 hours until polling stations open in this historic election, with a campaign visit to Paisley.

Nicola Sturgeon joined local candidates Mhairi Black (Paisley and Renfrewshire South) and Gavin Newlands (Paisley and Renfrewshire North), visiting a cafe alongside WASPI campaigners, where the SNP pledged to continue leading the fight for WASPI justice.

What happened to the WASPI women, who were betrayed by the Tories and deprived of the pension money they were entitled to, is typical of the damage Boris Johnson will do if he gets back into power. On Thursday, it’s time to kick the Tories out by voting SNP.


Day 5: Rutherglen, South Lanarkshire

After driving through stunning Glencoe and touring all across Lanarkshire, the bus arrived in Rutherglen for a visit to the ACE Place nursery and a festive arts & crafts masterclass from the nursery children and staff.

As the bus arrived, it was greeted by a big crowd of activists and supporters, all keen to talk and take pictures with Nicola Sturgeon and Margaret Ferrier – the SNP candidate for Rutherglen and Hamilton West.

If elected, SNP MPs will urge the UK Government to match the Scottish Government’s commitment to supporting low income families by introducing payments at key times in a young child’s life – such as the new nursery payment of Β£250 and the Scottish Child Payment.


Day 5: Lanark, Lanarkshire

The tour continued to Lanark, where Nicola Sturgeon campaigned alongside Angela Crawley – SNP candidate for Lanark and Hamilton East – visiting several local businesses, including a bakery, a cafe and an artisan soap manufacturer.


Day 5: Coatbridge, North Lanarkshire

Nicola Sturgeon joined Steven Bonnar, the SNP candidate for North Lanarkshire, for a visit at Clarke Fire Protection – a fire pump engine manufacturer, heavily reliant on exports and access to the EU single market.

At the Coatbridge visit, Nicola Sturgeon also unveiled the SNP’s latest digital ad screen based on a clear and simple message: vote SNP to lock Boris out.

Labour is too weak in Scotland to take on the Tories, while the Liberal Democrats have been too keen to team up with the Tories and help inflict painful austerity policies on the most vulnerable in our society.

There’s only one way for Scotland to wake up on Friday morning free of Boris Johnson and free of the Tories – and that is by voting SNP on Thursday, 12th December.


Day 5: Glencoe, Highland

Heading from the heart of Highland down to Coatbridge, the SNP bus drove through the majestic scenery of Glencoe as the sun was breaking through the layer of cloud.

In case anyone wondered if Scotland is the most beautiful country in the world, here’s the proof…


Day 4: Dingwall, Highland

Crossing into the Black Isle, the SNP’s tour bus stopped in Dingwall to meet a large crowd of activists canvassing for Ian Blackford, the SNP Westminster Leader and candidate for Ross, Skye and Lochaber.

Across the country, Remain voters are switching to the SNP as the strongest party to protect Scotland’s place in Europe and lock the Tories out of power.


Day 4: Inverness

The SNP’s nationwide bus tour continued in full swing into its fourth day, beginning with a gathering of supporters at Inverness Castle, overlooking the city’s panorama and the Ness River.

Despite the heavy outbreaks of rain, Derek Mackay, Drew Hendry and a large crowd of activists were determined in delivering a loud and clear message for Boris Johnson and Donald Trump: hands off our NHS!

Our NHS is under threat from the prospect of a toxic post-Brexit Tory-Trump trade deal and if elected, SNP MPs will introduce an NHS Protection Act to ensure it cannot be sold off and will always remain in public hands.

The visit to Inverness then continued with a walkabout at the historic Victorian Market, meeting local businesses and independent traders.


Day 3: Turriff, Aberdeenshire

The bus continued up the A96 into Banff and Buchan, where the SNP’s Paul Robertson is the strongest candidate to unseat the Tory incumbent and lock Boris Johnson out of office.

On Small Business Saturday, Derek Mackay and Paul Robertson visited a range of local businesses in Turriff, including a bakery, a cafe, a fishmongers and a hardware store, meeting owners and staff.

Turriff’s high street has recently been voted among the best high streets in the UK, but it relies on freedom of movement and access to the European single market to thrive.

Boris Johnson’s extreme Brexit plan to drag Scotland out of the EU against its will, and threatening no-deal by the end of 2020, puts it under threat, which is why the SNP is strongly committed to escaping Brexit and protecting Scotland’s place in Europe.


Day 3: Inverurie, Aberdeenshire

The SNP campaign bus arrived in Inverurie, one of the main towns in the Gordon constituency, where the heavy rain did not deter a large turnout of SNP activists, meeting the bus for a short break on a busy day of intensive canvassing.

Nicola Sturgeon and Derek Mackay joined Richard Thomson, the SNP candidate in Gordon, at the Garioch Heritage Centre for a chat with visitors and staff, learning about the historic Inverurie Loco Works.


Day 3: Kemnay, Aberdeenshire

The bus tour continued by visiting Kemnay in West Aberdeenshire & Kincardine, where the SNP’s Fergus Mutch is the main challenger to unseat the Scottish Tory incumbent, Andrew Bowie.

Nicola Sturgeon joined Fergus Mutch for a session of traditional singing, along an impressive folk band and acclaimed folk singer Iona Fyfe.

Meeting scores of supporters – old and young – it was increasingly clear that voters are fed up with the hard-right policies of Boris Johnson and his extreme Brexiteer cronies, and momentum is firmly behind SNP candidates in Tory-held areas.


Day 3: Aberdeen

The third day of the SNP’s national campaign bus tour began with a visit to Aberdeen’s Christmas market in the newly renovated Broad Street quarter.

Nicola Sturgeon joined the city’s SNP candidates Kirsty Blackman (Aberdeen North) and Stephen Flynn (Aberdeen North), for a walkabout in the stalls together with scores of supporters showing their enthusiasm for the SNP’s positive vision of an independent Scotland at the heart of Europe.

They also took in the sights of the historic Marischal College quad, tried out some fairground rides and had a go at the ice rink, before heading onward into Aberdeenshire.


Day 2: Arbroath, Angus

The bus tour went on to visit students and staff Arbroath College, where Derek Mackay joined Dave Doogan – the SNP’s candidate for Angus and the main challenger in the Tory-held seat.

After making meringue, honey parfait and icing mince pies, Dave and Derek met the finalists college’s cooking competition and talked to students, emphasising that Boris Johnson must be stopped from robbing Scotland’s young people of hard-won rights – such as the ability to live, work and study all over Europe.

In six days’ time, people in Scotland can come together and vote SNP to lock Boris Johnson out of office, so we can escape Brexit and create more opportunities for young people as a full member at the heart of the European Union.


Day 2: Dundee

The second day of the bus tour began with a visit to the Dundee and Angus College, where John Swinney joined Chris Law – the SNP’s candidate for Dundee West – for a quick course by the College’s talented young female car mechanics.

Amid growing momentum towards the SNP in Scotland, the bus then went on to catch up with an impressive crowd of activists from Dundee and the region, before a full day of canvassing and taking the SNP’s positive vision for independence to Dundee’s doorsteps.


Day 1: Crieff, Perthshire

Driving via the Queensferry Crossing, the campaign bus went on to Crieff, where Nicola Sturgeon joined the SNP’s candidate for Ochil and South Perthshire, John Nicolson.

The visit began with a demonstration of glass-blowing at Caithness Glass, an artisan glass factory.

It followed with a walk through Crieff’s Christmas Village – with an impressive turnout of activists, old and young, all keen to take selfies with the First Minister and talk about what is the most crucial election campaign in Scotland’s history.


Day 1: Campaign bus launch, South Queensferry

Against the backdrop of the three iconic Forth bridges, Nicola Sturgeon was joined by the SNP’s Edinburgh parliamentary candidates and activists to launch the SNP election campaign battle bus.

It marked the start of a national tour that will take in every corner of Scotland, in a final push to bring people together to vote SNP to stop Brexit, protect our NHS and lock Boris Johnson out of power.

The latest YouGov poll confirmed that momentum is firmly with the SNP, pushing support up to 44% – higher than it has been at any point during the election campaign and up 7 points on the 2017 general election result.

The SNP is the main challenger in every Tory-held seat, the strongest party of Remain, and the only party offering people in Scotland a choice over our future.

It is crystal clear that in Scotland, only voting for the SNP on December 12th can stop Boris Johnson in his tracks.