Stability and hope with independence, or chaos with Westminster

We’re witnessing a tale of two governments, and right now, the contrast between Scotland and Westminster couldn’t be starker.

On the day Liz Truss’s emergency UK Chancellor announced emergency measures to reverse nearly all of the mini-budget’s policies, Scotland’s First Minister outlined a coherent strategy on how an independent Scotland would take its first economic steps as a new sovereign nation.

The latest paper in the Scottish Government’s ‘Building a New Scotland’ series, entitled ‘A stronger economy with independence’, addresses the current context, currency, fiscal policy, future opportunities, boosting trade and creating a wellbeing economy.

It’s a positive case for how we in Scotland can better govern our nation – compared to being part of the mismanaged UK economy which is, as is established fact, in long-term decline.

As Nicola Sturgeon noted, it’s now glaringly obvious the UK Government does not offer economic stability or security.

Within the UK, we face another round of austerity cuts that will damage public services, perhaps existentially, and push many more into poverty.

The potential for a strong, modern Scottish economy, driven as much by health and happiness as economic strength, is enormous.

While we will see the phasing out of oil, we will use windfall proceeds to create an investment fund for infrastructure projects.

Work is already underway to massively expand Scotland’s renewable energy output with ScotWind, the world’s largest offshore-wind project.

That’s just the start, with Scotland home to 25 per cent of Europe’s wind energy potential.

To suggest Scotland doesn’t have the resources to support its economy is, frankly, laughable. There will be challenges, of course, but a better economic future awaits.

I encourage all with questions about independence to read the new paper, which can be found on the Scottish Government’s website.