What is the SNP plan to reform Scottish education?

Scotland has a good education system. But there’s much still to do. The life chances of our young people must not be determined by where they’re born, or what their background is.

The defining mission of the SNP Government remains our commitment to education – for every child to have the best start in life and to fulfil their potential.

The SNP Scottish Government is investing £750 million to tackle the attainment gap between pupils from the least and most wealthy backgrounds – with most money going direct to teachers.

We are reforming too. Our reforms will encourage best education practice to be shared around the country and give more power to head teachers to decide what works best in their classrooms.

Schools will have more freedom about their curriculum, improvement and funding and headteachers will have more say in choosing school staff and management structure.

New Regional Improvement Collaboratives, working across councils, will also provide improved support for teachers, including access to teams of attainment experts.

We have provided extra resources to local councils, allowing spending on education to increase in real terms for the past three years – up by £189 million in 2018/19.

Providing pupils with well-designed, accessible and inclusive learning environments is a priority for the SNP Scottish Government. Since taking office, we have built or refurbished 928 schools, and over 88 per cent of schools are in good or satisfactory condition – up from 61 per cent in 2007.