What is the SNP’s plan for Brexit?

The current Brexit plan of the UK Government will remove Scotland from the European Union, the most successful and developed international partnership in the world, in direct contradiction to Scotland’s democratic will.

SNP MPs voted against the Prime Minister’s deal. Scotland voted by 62 per cent to remain in the European Union in 2016, something which has been consistently ignored by the UK Government.

As set out in Scotland’s Place in Europe: An assessment of the UK Government’s proposed future relationship with the EU, the deal will make us poorer, diminish our rights and damage opportunities for future generations. 

Latest research presents a stark picture of the economic shock a bad deal will have on Scotland – warning it will leave every Scot worse off by £2,300 a year, wipe out 80,000 jobs, and damage growth and business opportunities for decades.

The devolved legislatures in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland all refused to give consent to the UK government bill that will take the UK out of the EU.
As part of the devolution settlement, Westminster is required to seek the consent of the Scottish Parliament and devolved assemblies if it wants to pass laws in devolved areas.

Far from Brexit being done, we are only now embarking on the difficult and protracted negotiations that will be needed to define the UK’s future relationship
with the EU.

We will continue to press the Government to rule out a catastrophic no deal. No deal would be catastrophic and would have severe and disproportionate impacts on Scotland – on food supply, on medicines, on transport, and rural matters. 

And we will continue to argue for the right of Scotland to decide how much alignment with the EU would best serve the interests of the Scottish people.