What is the SNP’s plan for NHS recovery?

We will implement an NHS Recovery Plan that will shape new, sustainable ways of working and support our frontline to use the latest developments in medical science. It will outline how we will increase the activity of our NHS to help treat those who have had their care interrupted by the pandemic and tackle excessively long waits.

We will support a 10% increase in inpatient, day case, and outpatient activity to address the delays in treatment caused by the Covid-19 pandemic – including maximizing theatre usage and capacity in sites like East Lothian Community Hospital, and making use of mobile units while new facilities are built.

We will invest £10 million for new diagnostic techniques and the rollout of the redesign of urgent care.

We will accelerate recruitment of staff for our 5 national elective and diagnostic treatment centres, with at least 1,500 more frontline staff for these facilities by 2025.

We will invest a further £100 million to open two additional national elective care centres to increase our capacity to respond to the needs of an ageing population.

We will implement our Cancer Recovery Plan, including the £18 million partnership with Macmillan to ensure everyone with cancer in Scotland gets personalised care and invest a further £20 million to expand our Detect Cancer Early programme

We will retain the existing cancer targets and review whether there is merit in specific additional targets for different types of cancer and cancer treatments.