What has the Scottish Government invested in city deals in Scotland?

The Scottish Government is injecting over £1.3 billion into City Region Deals in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Inverness and Stirling – a third more than the UK government.

And now we are committing a further £200 million to the Tay Cities Regions Deal.

Despite the support from the Scotttish Government, the UK government’s investment in the Aberdeen Region fell short by a mammoth £254 million, in the Inverness Region Deal by £82 million and in the Tay Cities Regions Deal by £50 million. The Scottish Government is also invested over £500 million in the Glasgow City Deal and another £300 million in the Edinburgh City Deal.

We will continue to demand that the UK government stumps up and matches the missing millions. The SNP have also been clear that we are committed to securing a deal for the Ayrshire region.