How will the changes to Scottish Income Tax affect me?

The 2018-19 Scottish budget will ensure that 7 out of 10 income taxpayers in Scotland pay less tax next year, including everyone earning less than £33,000. And most Scots will pay less tax than if they lived in rest of the UK.

By reforming our tax system to make it even fairer and more progressive, an additional £164 million will be raised to mitigate UK budget cuts and protect our vital public services.

This funding will support increased investment in our hospitals, schools and businesses. It will also ensure that taxpayers in Scotland continue to get the best deal anywhere in the UK, with free medicine, free university and a transformative expansion of childcare. Read more about what’s in the budget here.

We have also adjusted the tax people pay when they buy a house – Land and Buildings Transaction Tax – so that 80 per cent of first time buyers won’t pay this tax at all.