How will the SNP tackle substance misuse and drugs deaths?

The number of people who die of a drug-related death in Scotland is unacceptably high. Each one of these deaths is a tragedy, and we cannot underestimate the impact of those losses on individuals, families and communities across the country.

We believe a national mission is needed to tackle the drug death emergency Scotland faces. We must empower more people to seek support; make that support more consistent, flexible and effective, and much faster; and help services stick with the people they support.

We will invest £250 million over the lifetime of the parliament to support a range of community-based interventions, including primary prevention, and an expansion of residential rehabilitation. We will:

  • support outreach services in every local authority 
  • fully implement the new Medication Assisted Treatment Standards (MAT) in the first year of the parliament, ensuring same day treatment or same day prescribing for those who need it,
  • move to a 5 year funding cycle for eligible third sector and grassroots organisations that are at the forefront of saving lives

We remain committed to the introduction of medically supervised safe consumption facilities. These facilities have been demonstrated around the world to save lives. We will explore every legal avenue in an attempt to establish them in Scotland.