How will the SNP rebuild our tourism sector?

We know that the pandemic has been particularly difficult for our tourism industry, but we are committed to rebuilding Scotland’s vital tourism and hospitality sectors so that we can share all that Scotland has to offer when the time is right.

To support the sector through the next year, we have committed to 100% rates relief for tourism & hospitality for 2021-22.

To support the recommendations of the Tourism Recovery Taskforce, we will create a £25 million fund to help build a strong recovery, including providing thousands of vouchers for short breaks and days out to carers, people with disabilities and families on low incomes, and creating a Net Zero Pathway for industry, focussed on protecting and enhancing our natural assets and delivering a low carbon future for our visitors and communities.

When it is safe to do so, we will launch a campaign to encourage people to support local tourism and hospitality in Scotland.

We will develop a global campaign for Scotland, increasing Scotland is Now activity and launching a brand marque for Scotland, to help boost tourism, migration, and investment.

As we look ahead to UEFA Euro 2020 in Glasgow, FestivalUK 2022 and the 2023 UCI World Cycling Championships, we will work to secure more major events for Scotland including a joint UK and Ireland bid for the 2030 FIFA World Cup.

We will maintain investment of £6.2 million per year in the Rural Tourism Infrastructure Fund to alleviate some of the pressure that tourism can have on local rural communities, and invest a further £1 million in a Seasonal Ranger scheme to help support responsible tourism in our rural and remote areas.

We will expand the Islands Passport to encourage more people to visit more of our islands, promoting more off season visiting and creating more equitable benefit for communities.