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What is the SNP’s position on the EU?

The SNP believe that EU membership delivers many social, economic and cultural benefits for individuals, business and communities across Scotland. We believe that the best way to build a more prosperous and equal Scotland is to be a full independent member of the EU. 

On 23 June Scotland voted emphatically to remain in the EU. The SNP’s priority now is to protect Scotland’s interests.  We are considering all possible options to ensure Scotland’s continuing relationship with Europe, and published our paper Scotland’s Place in Europe in December to set out our proposals.

At the heart of the proposals is a framework to keep Scotland’s place in the European Single Market. A Tory hard Brexit, outside the single market, threatens to cost Scotland 80,000 jobs over a decade and cost people an average of £2,000 in wages. Retaining our place in the Single Market would avoid that. You can read more about these proposals here.

The SNP doesn’t believe the EU is perfect and agree that it needs reform, however we want Scotland to have a louder voice in Europe, an increased contribution to EU policy making and an opportunity to be part of discussions about reform, rather than becoming even more distant by removing ourselves altogether.
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