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What do the SNP’s reforms to Council Tax mean?

The SNP are committed to a tax system that is proportionate to people’s ability to pay. That’s why our plans will ensure those living in lower-band properties A to D – at least 75 per cent of all households in Scotland – will pay the same, or even less, than they do today in Council Tax.

Our proposals mean that the average band E household will pay around £2 per week more, while the average household in the highest band will pay around £10 a week more. We expect these reforms to raise £111 million, which will be available to be spent locally as councils choose.

We will put in place an exemption for higher-band households who are below average earnings - up to a maximum of £25,000 net income. This will exempt 54,000 households from changes - a third of them pensioner households.

We will also protect low income households by extending the Council Tax Reduction Scheme to low income households with children. This will directly benefit 77,000 low income households by an average of £173 per year, including 140,000 children.

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