Open letter to young voters in Shetland – vote SNP to stop Brexit

Dear voter,

For many young people in Shetland, this election will be their first opportunity to vote.

Thanks to the SNP, 16 & 17-year-olds have the right to vote in Scottish elections, but you need to make sure you vote on Thursday 29th August.

Scotland has been side-lined and silenced by successive Tory governments, but this month we can change that if we make our voices heard. We know from experience that Westminster sits up and takes notice of Scotland when the SNP wins an election.

We’ve been campaigning hard to stop Brexit for the last three years since Scotland – and Shetland – voted overwhelmingly to remain in the EU. The SNP has consistently worked with other parties to give people a final say on remaining in the European Union. Not even those who voted Leave were expecting the devastating No Deal Brexit that’s on offer from Boris Johnson.

The EU isn’t perfect. But being part of Europe is good for jobs, public services and provides young people with amazing opportunities to broaden their horizons. I spent a year of my engineering degree in France as part of the EU’s Erasmus programme and it was one of the best experiences of my life.

Whether it’s the contributions made to Scottish universities by EU nationals or the chance for young Scots to live, work and study abroad, being part of Europe can be life-changing. You shouldn’t miss out because a small group of right-wing Brexiteers are determined to drag Scotland out of Europe against its will.

To tackle the climate crisis we need more international cooperation, not less. The Tories want to turn the UK into a US-style economy, with privatised public services and no safety net for the poorest and most vulnerable in our society. We have another option: to be an independent European country run more like Scandinavia and less like Donald Trump’s USA.

Shetland has a reputation of being an open-minded and welcoming community where people from across the globe come to visit, work and raise a family.

Don’t let Boris Johnson cut you off from the world. It’s time to stop Brexit and give Scotland the opportunity to choose a brighter future.

Send a message of hope for the future and vote SNP.

Tom Wills

SNP candidate for Shetland by-election