SNP respond to Queen's speech

Responding to the Queen’s speech SNP Westminster Leader Angus Robertson MP said the Coalition Government’s legislative programme failed to deliver for Scotland on key tests of boosting jobs and growth.

Mr Robertson said:

“With the UK having fallen into a double-dip recession, we needed the Queen’s speech to focus on jobs and growth but, just like the Budget, this programme fails to meet the economic challenges we face.

“After saying that more powers for Scotland, beyond the Scotland Act, were on the table there is nothing in this legislative programme to devolve real economic powers and responsibility so that the Scottish Parliament can act where Westminster fail.

“The Coalition’s legislative programme shows the difference in priorities between Scotland and a UK Government that is out of touch. While the Scottish Government focuses on job creation and the economy, the UK Government is obsessed with process issues and has failed to bring forward essential investment in 'shovel-ready' projects.

“People in Scotland have the right to know what the alternative to independence is – and the UK Government has an obligation to tell the rest of us what it is.

“The UK is in a double-dip recession as a direct result of a sharp fall in construction output over a period when the Scottish Government has consistently called for investment in 'shovel-ready' projects.

“At a time when we needed capital investment to support employment, help small business and promote economic security, there is little in this Queen’s speech to meet the challenges we face. This fall back into recession in the UK shows that the Tory/Lib Dem coalition has its priorities all wrong, and that we urgently need a change of direction.

“Labour inertia first led us into recession, and Tory ineptitude, aided and abetted by their lib-dem partners, has taken us back there.

“It’s time economic powers were in the hands of a decisive Scottish Government who would take action to create jobs and grow the economy out of the mess they have got us into.”