Former Labour chairman could back Independence

The SNP today welcomed comments from former Scottish Labour chairman Bob Thomson who said that Labour should be calling for a second question on Scotland’s referendum. 

He said:

“If we were left with the status quo and still being involved in conflicts like Afghanistan, Iraq or even the possibility of Iran, then I’d vote for independence.”

Welcoming the contribution SNP MSP Humza Yousaf said:

“These are positive comments by Bob Thomson, who is a much respected figure in Scotland’s Labour movement and recognises the advantages of all the big decisions being made in Holyrood and not Westminster, in the best interests of Scotland.

“Labour should listen to the case being made by Mr Thomson and Mr McLeish for a second question in the referendum.  Labour’s present position - backing up the Tories - is a totally disastrous position to adopt in Scottish politics and out of touch with the wishes of their membership.

“Mr Thomson, much like former First Minister Henry McLeish, has put forward a positive contribution which is light years ahead of the scaremongering we have heard time and time again from Labour and the other anti-independence parties.

“These comments elevate the level of debate over Scotland’s constitutional future and present a real opportunity for the opposition parties in Scotland.

“The SNP will deliver the referendum in the autumn of 2014 and campaign for independence. If opposition parties have any sense they will listen to the advice from Mr Thomson and Mr McLeish and take the debate seriously, and put forward a positive vision for the people of Scotland.”

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