Students say Yes to Independence

The SNP have welcomed the results from mock referendums held across Scotland's university campuses showing a majority of students are in favour of Scottish independence. The question Do you agree that Scotland should be an independent country? was answered by over 500 participants on campuses at The University of Edinburgh, The University of Glasgow, The University of St Andrews, The University of Dundee University and The University of Aberdeen. The total sum of results gave a majority in favour of independence with 52% voting ‘Yes’ and 48% voting 'No'. Gail Lythgoe, Convener of SNP Students, said:  "These results are extremely encouraging and they indicate that support for independence is very high amongst young people in Scotland. "The SNP believe in lowering the voting age, regardless of how young people in Scotland choose to vote. That trust in tomorrow’s generation is re-politicising the young people of Scotland who want their voices to be heard and votes to be counted.” Andrew Barr, student SNP activist from Edinburgh, added: “Students who took part in the voting came from Scotland, England, Ireland, Wales and there has been an incredible level of interest from international students. “Scotland’s national voice is greater now than ever before; imagine what we could do with independence and real democracy for Scotland. It’s time for the people of Scotland to take their rightful place in the global community as an equal and independent nation.” NOTES Random Sample of 520 people taken in March 2012 Edinburgh University: Yes 63% - No 37% Glasgow University: Yes 57% - No 43% St Andrews University: Yes 38% - No 62% Dundee University: Yes 56% - No 44% Aberdeen University: Yes 46% - No 54% Average - Yes 52% - No 48%

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