MSP welcomes academic's calls for independence

A leading academic in events management education has outlined in today’s (Friday) Scotsman why Scottish independence is the best way to reinvigorate Scotland’s proud educational reputation.

Professor Joe Goldblatt, The world’s only professional chairman in planned event management and Executive Director of the International Centre for the Study of Planned Events and Research Professor at Queen Margaret University, outlined four clear reasons why Scottish independence must be achieved.

•        To further develop the sustainable opportunity to recruit the best students from throughout the world to attend Scottish universities.
•        To ensure that foreign graduates of Scottish universities have the opportunity to contribute to Scottish research and enterprise in the future
•        To utilise Scotland’s resources to support Scottish values – ensuring that access to education remains based on ability to learn and not ability to pay and that Scottish institutions remain among the best in the world.
•        To further advance our research productivity and benefit from the commercialization aspects of this research.

He wrote:

“A fully independent Scotland would have the historic opportunity of creating a second enlightenment for education through the sustainable economic development of our higher education sector.”

Jean Urquhart, a member of the Education and Culture Committee and SNP MSP for the Highlands and Islands, welcomed Professor Golblatt’s analysis.

She said:

“Education is another great example of what Scotland can achieve, as Scotland has its own world class and distinctive education system.

“We have some of Europe’s oldest and most respected universities and our schools have a curriculum that is unique to Scotland with internationally recognised Scottish qualifications at the end of it.

“Scotland has historically always understood the value of education and we were the first country in the world to give universal access to primary education.

“Recently, we have defended university students’ right to free tuition. While the UK Government has introduced fees of up to £9,000 per year, tuition in Scotland will remain free for students that live in Scotland.

“Education makes a real positive contribution in peoples’ lives and is doing so in communities up and down the country. In the Highlands, where the relationship between the University of the Highlands and Islands and industry - in terms of employment and research - is helping reinvigorate parts of Scotland that have been largely forgotten about by Westminster Governments for hundreds of years.”