Cameron and his 'Friends' will aid Yes vote

commenting on David Cameron’s speech to the Scottish Tory conference, in which his “Friends of the Union” campaign was launched, SNP MSP Chic Brodie has welcomed the prospect of the Conservatives leading the anti-independence campaign, given their deep unpopularity in Scotland.

Mr Brodie, MSP for South Scotland, said:

“The Prime Minister was happy to boast about his 50p tax cut, but he made absolutely no mention of his Government leaving 500,000 Scots pensioners hundreds of pounds worse off over the next few years thanks to his Granny Tax, or the 3p fuel duty hike which will hurt hard-pressed motorists and damage the economy.

“When it comes to Scotland’s future, all Mr Cameron has to offer is a vague promise of ‘something else’ if people vote No to independence – which will only succeed in encouraging more people to vote Yes, because the last time a Tory PM promised jam tomorrow in the run-up to a referendum it resulted in 18 years of Tory rule which Scotland didn’t vote for.

“Now Cameron is desperately trying to dictate the terms of this referendum as well, which has only resulted in a dramatic surge in membership for the SNP. Ruth Davidson’s ‘line in the sand’ had barely been laid out before her London boss had thrown the sand back in her face and taken charge of the anti-independence campaign.

“Scotland is firmly on the road to independence. And if this is the best that the Prime Minister has to offer in his fight to save the union, it begs the question: with friends like these, who needs enemies?”

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