Support for dairy farmers important step forward

The announcement of £100,000 to support the continuing fight of dairy farmers to achieve a fairer price for the milk that they produce has been hailed as an important step forward.

The price that farmers are paid for every pint of milk which they produce is below the cost of production, creating an unsustainable situation.

The £100,000 to support the Dairy Farmers Together initiative was announced by the Scottish Government during a rally in Lanark and will be used to assist farmers in creating local producer organisations to negotiate collectively.

Commenting, SNP MSP Aileen Campbell who attended the rally in her constituency said:

“The situation which dairy farmers in Scotland currently face is utterly ludicrous and simply cannot continue.

“When it costs more for farmers to produce milk than they get paid for their product, it is completely unsustainable and can only drive people out of business.

“The fact that the SNP Government has committed funds to assist dairy farmers in creating local producer organisations is an important step forward. It should give dairy farmers more clout when it comes to negotiating a fairer price.

“However more progress must be achieved, which is why plans to consult on legislation in the Autumn are being welcomed by dairy farmers around the country. All that they are looking for is a fair price for what they produce.

“That is in absolutely everyone’s interest if dairy farming is to have a sustainable future.”