Sunday Express poll: Independence support at 51%

Commenting on the Vision Critical poll for the Scottish Sunday Express - which reports that support for independence has reached 51% - the SNP referendum Campaign Director and Westminster party leader Angus Robertson MP said:

"This is the first serious test since the Scottish Government launched its referendum consultation and is a great boost coming at the end of this historic week.

"It shows that voters understand the Scottish Government policy is for an independent Scotland with the Queen as Head of State. Scotland and England would become united kingdoms, rather than the United Kingdom.

"Support is growing for Scotland gaining the full range of job-creating powers we need to boost jobs and recovery, and becoming an equal and independent country with access to the record tax revenues being generated by Scotland’s North Sea oil and gas.

"Independence support is also rising because of the behaviour of the anti-independence parties and their negative message which is alienating more and more voters. We are also getting a good response in England because of the measured way we have articulated our case."