Former BBC boss backs Scottish broadcasting powers

The SNP has stepped up calls for Scotland to secure broadcasting powers after the BBC’s former Trustee for Scotland said the country was poorly served by the corporation.

Quoted in the Scotsman, Jeremy Peat said the “case for more production out of London remains and the pressure for increased devolution of programming must continue”.

He also said viewers north of the Border should be offered an alternative to “England-only stories”.

Stewart Maxwell, SNP MSP for West Scotland and convener of the Scottish Parliament’s Education and Culture Committee which has invited senior BBC executives to give evidence on broadcasting, said:

“There is a clear need – and growing support – for broadcasting powers to be devolved. It is of vital cultural importance to Scotland.

“The UK Government must listen to these voices – especially when the BBC’s former Scottish Trustee says our country is being poorly served and that he backs devolution of powers.

“Those on all sides of the political divide in Scotland acknowledge we need our own distinctive broadcasting platform.

“We need a stronger voice and greater accountability – especially during this historic time when Scotland’s constitutional future is being debated.

“Current broadcasting arrangements are not meeting the needs of the people of Scotland and it is time for this to change. Westminster must take notice of the growing demand for Scotland to be accountable for broadcasting.”


The interview with Jeremy Peat can be found here: