Labour has no credibility on council tax freeze

Commenting on the launch of Glasgow Labour’s council manifesto, SNP Group Leader Cllr Allison Hunter said:

“I’ve lost count of the amount of positions Labour have had on the council tax freeze.

“Gordon Matheson says today he wants to freeze the council tax for the next five years, but Scottish Labour’s Deputy Leader – Glasgow MP Anas Sarwar - has already said he doesn’t think that is credible or progressive.

“And Gordon Matheson himself has been itching to put council tax up – saying being forced to freeze it is like having a gun to his head. So is he now holding a gun to his own head?

“Labour are just trying the same trick that backfired on them so spectacularly last year – people weren’t fooled then, and they won’t be fooled now.

“The fact is average council tax across Scotland went up by 60% under Labour - they just cannot be trusted on council tax, and voters know it.

“Gordon Matheson’s arrogant threat that ‘no-one steps on Glasgow’ completely sums up Labour’s belief that they have a divine right to rule this city in perpetuity.

“On May 3rd voters in Glasgow will have a chance to elect an SNP Council which will bring in a whole new era of openness and transparency to their city. We’ve spoken to over 20,000 people in Glasgow in the last 18 months – we will give them the council that they deserve.”

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