No campaign splits before it starts

The campaign against Scotland's ambitions to take responsibility for her own affairs has split before it has started with unionist parties in disarray as Labour and the Tories argue over standing on the same platform together. Whilst Ed Miliband and the Tories call for parties to work together Labour MP Jim Murphy has refused to share a platform with the Tories.

In interviews in Holyrood magazine Murphy says of Cameron "I'm not going to share a platform with him on the referendum" whilst Ed Miliband says that he will. The comments follow Lord McConnell's call for the campaign to be led by someone other than a politician and have led to splits within Labour, with the Lib Dems and with the Tories.

SNP Campaign Director and Westminster Leader Angus Robertson MP said:

"As independence moves ahead in the polls, we are seeing complete disarray and division in the Unionist camp – they can’t even agree on what the status quo should be, and are now refusing to share a platform with each other.

"If the Unionist parties are incapable of agreeing and working with each other, they can’t expect the people of Scotland to agree with them in the referendum campaign.

"While we take nothing for granted, we are very confident that we can win the Yes case for independence and equality for Scotland in the referendum.”