Scots have lowest fear of crime in UK

The latest poll from YouGov shows that Scots have the lowest fear of crime of any part of the UK.

Asked how worried they were that they would be the victim of crime in the next two to three years 71% of Scots voters said they were not worried at all.

In contrast the next lowest level of concern was the South of England were only 54% felt safe from crime.

The poll of 142 people in Scotland also gives the SNP a 7 point lead over Labour with 39% of the vote to Labour’s 32% with the Tories on 17% and the Lib Dems on 5%.

SNP MSP for the Highlands and Islands and member of the Scottish Parliament’s Justice Committee John Finnie said:

“The SNP has invested in our police force and in making Scotland safer.

“We have put over 1000 additional police on our streets since 2007, invested in activities for our young people and reformed the justice system to cut re-offending.

“In contrast police numbers are being cut in England and fear of crime is higher.

“Crime rates in Scotland are now at a 35 year low and fear of crime is at it’s lowest.

“There is always more to be done to tackle crime in our communities and that is why we are determined to protect frontline police, to increase our investment in communities to keep young people away from crime and to make Scotland’s streets safer.”