Scottish Parliament should put Franz Fischler in the dock says Lochhead

SNP Shadow Fisheries Minister - and member of the Rural Development Committee - Mr Richard Lochhead MSP today (Friday) said that the Scottish Parliament should put EU Fisheries Commissioner, Franz Fischler, in the dock and ask him to explain to the Rural Development Committee the flawed logic in the decisions taken earlier this month by the Commission. Mr Lochhead said:

"Thousands of people across Scotland are facing a loss to their livelihoods because of the warped decisions taken by Franz Fischler and the European Commission. This was compounded by the capitulation of Scottish and UK Ministers.

"The Fisheries Commissioner should therefore come to Scotland and be put in the dock by the Scottish Parliament and asked to explain the flawed logic behind his decisions.

"Why for example is Scotland's fleet - which has the biggest mesh sizes - taking the biggest hit while industrial fishing continues?, why are our fishermen being urged to decommission their fleet while other nations are given public money to build new boats and why have quotas for other healthier stocks been slashed more than those for cod?

"I will therefore be writing to the Convener of the Rural Development Committee asking him to contact the Fisheries Commissioner and inviting him to come to Scotland and explain his decisions before the Committee.

"Our fishermen and our fishing communities deserve no less than a positive response from Franz Fischler as any refusal would be seen a final insult to the industry."

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