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  • Submit your Idea
    Submit your Idea
  • Members can vote and comment on your idea
    Members can vote on your idea
  • The most popular ideas are passed to our policy team for consideration
    The most popular ideas are passed to our policy team for consideration

How does the process work?

The ability to influence policy is one of the main rights of any member of a political party. SNP members can currently do so through policy discussions at their local branch which can lead to resolutions being submitted to National Conference and National Council, the decision-making bodies of the party.

While these traditional methods of policy formation remain central to the SNP, the party is committed to being as open and accessible as possible. Part of this process is to develop new and innovative ways of sourcing policy ideas and generating discussion and debate.

With that in mind members now have access to a new online tool to facilitate policy development.

Members submit their idea by entering:

  • A title
  • Up to 500 words detailing your policy proposal.

A selection of the policy proposals submitted will then be published on the ‘Browse Ideas’ page.

Ideas considered for publication must be:

  • Consistent with the values of the SNP, so must not undermine the core values or overall policy direction of the party.

  • Non-discriminatory, so must not discriminate on the grounds of race, colour, gender, disability, religious belief or non-belief or sexual orientation.

  • Based on an issue which has not been considered by a recent National Council or National Conference.

The ‘Browse Ideas’ page will have a facility for other members to vote on ideas.

Any policy which garners 200 votes from fellow members will be passed on to our Party spokespeople for their consideration. These will then be removed from the website to allow a continuous refreshing of new ideas.

Proposals which reach the threshold do not become party policy at that point, and will still require to go through the decision-making process of the party before becoming official party policy.

Due to the number of submissions, we are unable to provide feedback on individual submissions.

Please check your e-mail for a link to activate your account.

Browse Ideas

Published at 02/08/2016 Posted by

A healthier Scotland for diabetics


NHS Scotland spends almost £1bn annually on diabetes, 80% goes on managing avoidable complications. As a result of this, managing diabetes accounts for around 10% of the annual NHS Scotland budget.


Published at 02/01/2016 Posted by

Allotments in nursery, primary and high schools.

I personally have no idea on how to grow fruit and vegetables but Fully believe that teaching kids to do so from a young age can help them in many ways.

1. Pride in work that...

Published at 02/02/2016 Posted by

A minimal fixed charge, if any, for the internment of coffins, to apply to all councils.

The Proposal.

A fixed minimal charge, if any, to be levied for the internment of coffins or cremated remains in council controlled cemeteries in Scotland. This proposal is specifically for the internment of coffins, but can...

Published at 10/07/2016 Posted by

Bottles and cans levy

Just as in many countries around the world when purchasing glass bottle or caned beverages (usually alcohol) there is a deposit to encourage people to return them to a recycling point where they will receive their...

Published at 02/01/2016 Posted by

Closing the Attainment Gap - Better Attendance, Better Attainment.

Perhaps the most important key to closing the attainment gap is attendance. Youngsters who struggle with school tend to be youngsters whose parents do not fully comprehend the importance of their role in their child's education....

Published at 02/03/2016 Posted by

Daytime Running Lights for all vehicles

Many other European countries legally require drivers to have their lights on at all times.  I feel that this would be safer for us here in Scotland. I've lost count of the number of times grey...

Published at 02/01/2016 Posted by

Disability Officer at Branch level

Every branch should have a disability officer to ensure that disabled people have the same opportunities as every other member of the party whether to stand for council as an MSP or MP.

Published at 02/01/2016 Posted by

First Aid courses in schools.

Everyone should learn to do first aid from a young age. It does not take years to learn the basics and could maybe run as an extra curricular activity, or added to a biology class or...

Published at 02/02/2016 Posted by

Free Swimming lessons for young children

Swimming  should become a compulsory activity in the primary school curriculum. This would ensure all children no matter what their social or economic background have access to free swimming lessons. Swimming is a life saving skill...

Published at 02/02/2016 Posted by

Improving renewable energy

Brand new housing developments should be mandated to have solar panels on roofs. The added cost %wise on a new house is minimal but the long term benefit for Scotland is huge in getting us to...

Published at 03/04/2016 Posted by


We live in one of the dirtiest countries in the developed world, and it is due to a population that doesn't appear to care.  Similar to traffic wardens we should have litter monitors, ticketing the general...

Published at 02/10/2016 Posted by

National Theatre of the Scots Language

There should be a National Theatre of Scots to serve as a focal point for the revival of the language among writers, actors and audiences.

As it is intended to promote traditional Scots rather than urban...

Published at 02/07/2016 Posted by

Prioritise Active Travel

Prioritise spending on active travel (walking, running and cycling) with dedicated segregated facilities in order to provide safe and attractive environments for people, thus reducing the number of cars on the road. This leads to lower...

Published at 02/01/2016 Posted by

Tourism and flood prevention

Fund a program of re-wilding in areas along the Tay, Spey, Don and Dee. Other rivers prone to flooding, which are likely to become more so due to climate change and the onset of winter storms,...

Published at 02/02/2016 Posted by


I would like to propose that the VAT threshold be reduced to 5% for all Building works carried out to your home this would include all owners and rented property

At the moment most people pay...

Published at 02/02/2016 Posted by

What are the SNP doing to protect The Scottish Wildcat?

here are three main threats to the survival of the Scottish wildcat. These are:

1) Hybridisation: hybridisation, also known as interbreeding, is when Scottish wildcats breed with domestic cats or hybrids of the two and produce fertile offspring. This...

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