A minimal fixed charge, if any, for the internment of coffins, to apply to all councils.

The Proposal.

A fixed minimal charge, if any, to be levied for the internment of coffins or cremated remains in council controlled cemeteries in Scotland. This proposal is specifically for the internment of coffins, but can be extended to cremated remains.

When I was born, my mother could have been anywhere in Scotland, but would have been cared for in the same way. Care at the point of need. Our departure from this world must be treated in the same way, with a minimal charge, if any, for the burial of coffins.

The funeral costs are a separate but equally difficult issue, which is currently being addressed by the Scottish Government.


When my mother-in-law died a number of years ago, we received notification of the costs, which included the cost of digging the grave. We were shocked to be quoted £800 and on querying the charge were informed that she was a non resident and that if she had been a resident of the council area the charge was £300. As she had moved out of the area late in life she was considered a resident and the lower figure applied; an extortionate charge for digging a hole. More recently I have had to consider funeral charges again and searched all of the Scottish council web sites and was shocked by the figures. Councils are obscenely profiteering from people at an extremely vulnerable time in their lives and this has to change.

The current charges, listed below, are both shocking and a disgrace. The Isle of Lewis have one fixed charge of £306 and at the other end of the scale East Dunbartonshire charge £1258 for a resident mid week and £3774 to bury a non resident on a Saturday.

This outrageous state of affairs has to be addressed and changed and I request your support for this policy.

Costs of Internment of Coffins

By Council


                                                  Resident        Weekend           Non Resident          Weekend

Aberdeen City                              £577

Aberdeenshire                             £658             £987                  £1315                    £1973

Angus                                         £601             £901.40

Argyle and Bute                           £523

Borders                                       £609                                      £782

City of Edinburgh                         £1010           £1215 pre 11am

                                                                     £1483 post 11am

Clackmannanshire                       £562

Dumfries &Galloway                     £507             £706.5                £759                       £1138.5

Dundee City                                £534             £811

Under 12                                    £267            £400

East Ayrshire                              £482.5         £965

EastDumbartonshire                    £1258          £1887                 £2516                      £ 3774

                                                                                                                                 10 year residency clause

East Lothian                               £709            £1063                 £1063                      £1594

East Renfrewshire                       £444            £1020                 £1332                      £1626

Children under 18                       £222            £1020                 £666                        £1626

Falkirk District                            £424            £509                   £654                        £784

Fife Council                                £567            £880

Glasgow City                              £849

Highland Council                         £638            £798

Inverclyde Council                      £579.70        £699.10

Isle of Lewis                               £306

Mid Lothian                                £488             £732                   £724                        £1086

Moray Council                            £758            £1137

North Ayrshire                           £519            £778.5

North Lanarkshire                       £610            £823

Orkney                                      £500

Perth and Kinross                       £891

Age 2 to 15                                £134

Scottish Borders                         £609            £782                 Sunday & Holiday        £1033

Shetland                                    £440

South Ayrshire                           £613            £919                  £1226                        £1838

South Lanarkshire                       £842            £861.05             Public Holiday             £1060.90

Stirling Council                           £1004          £1058am            £1087pm Public Holiday £1169

West Dunbartonshire                  £569            £629                  £881                           £947

West Lothian                              £482

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