Boost Scotland’s mobile connectivity

Boost Scotland’s mobile connectivity

Mobile connectivity is reserved to Westminster. A report has found that just 17 per cent of Scotland’s landmass has 4G coverage, compared to 60 per cent across the UK.

Many countries, like Germany, have required companies to prioritise rural areas through licensing but the Tory government has refused SNP demands to take this approach here.

While mobile licensing remains reserved, the Scottish Government is taking action. A new £25 million programme has been established to tackle 4G ‘not-spots’ in Scotland.

Once again the Scottish Government is picking up the slack where Tories fail to deliver in reserved area – don’t let them off the hook, support our campaign for better mobile connectivity.


How is the SNP working to improve mobile coverage across Scotland?

The SNP in Government is committed to working with industry to improve mobile coverage across Scotland.

To do so, the Scottish Government are working closely with the industry through the Mobile Action Plan. This contains a series of measures designed to improve and increase coverage across Scotland, such as:

  • further planning reform, using publicly-owned land and buildings for telecoms,
  • maximizing the impact of the UK Government’s 4G-based Emergency Services Network and
  • the development of a Mobile Infill Project to extend coverage into rural areas not served by commercial rollout
  • The Mobile Action Plan will help to ensure the Scottish Government uses its powers to guarantee people benefit from better mobile coverage, even though the primary responsibility lies with the UK Government.

The Scottish Government have announced a £25 million project, The Scottish 4G Infill Programme, to address mobile ‘notspots’ across Scotland. The programme will fund a new mobile telephone masts in locations with no existing 4G mobile coverage to improve mobile connectivity for communities and businesses.

We will develop a 5G strategy that allows Scotland to gain first-mover advantage from this emerging technology.