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I’m Nicola Sturgeon and I am the leader of the SNP and First Minister of Scotland. Being First Minister is the best job in the world. It’s a huge privilege to get the opportunity to lead your country, to help the country face up to the big challenges and opportunities that lie ahead is just amazing. It’s also of course a massive responsibility, every single day brings new challenges but also new opportunities so I am a very very lucky person to have the opportunity to do this.

Well I joined the SNP when I was still at school and I did so for a very simple reason, I wanted Scotland to be independent not for its own sake, but because that seemed to me and it still does today the best way to make sure that we always get governments we vote for and our priorities for economic growth based on social justice can be to the fore. I grew up when Margaret Thatcher was Prime Minister. I grew up in a working class community in Ayrshire and it was very obvious to me that the price of not being independent for Scotland back then was having to put up with a Tory government that we didn’t vote for and that remains the case today. So that is why I joined the SNP, I want Scotland to be an even better place.

My ambitions for Scotland are limitless. I want Scotland to be a strong, vibrant, modern economy, where innovation and creativity drive the economy forward. I don’t want us to be competing in a race to the bottom on cost. I want us to do well because we have got a highly skilled population, a productive workforce and the best ideas being translated in to reality. But I then also want us to be a fairer country, the levels of inequality in Scotland are too large and I want to see us reduce that gap. That is one of the reasons why I have put closing the attainment gap in education at the very heart of my agenda. We are a small country, that is a great thing, but in a small country, perhaps even more so than a big country, you cannot afford not to use the full potential of everybody who lives here. So I have a vision for Scotland where everybody, regardless of your family background, regardless of your circumstances, everybody has the chance to fulfil their own potential because if individually we all fulfil our potential then collectively as a country we will be as successful as we know we are able to be.

Join the SNP to make a difference. We are a left of centre, social democratic party. We believe that we need a strong economy but we also want to see more fairness and social justice in the country we live in. The SNP is the best vehicle now for delivering those aspirations. So get involved. There are many many different ways in which you can become involved in the SNP; join, campaign, contribute financially whatever is the way that is best for you then do it because you can make a big difference and you’ll find a very very warm welcome in a party that is today four times as big as it was on referendum day last year but not withstanding that, a party that still feels like a big family.


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First Minister Nicola Sturgeon

Glasgow Southside

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