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Mhairi Black MP

Paisley & Renfrewshire South

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My name is Mhairi Black and I’m the Member of Parliament for Paisley and Renfrewshire South. My responsibility as an MP is first and foremost to represent your constituency to try and develop things in the local community. Then after that I am also representing the SNP on the Work and Pension committee.

I think political activism changed when the referendum came about and particularly with the Yes side because all of a sudden you were finding people were getting their own tables and their own banners printed and standing at the end of their own street talking about politics and that is something that has not happened for generations and now that has become quite normal to see, to see a street stall or to see people talking politics all the time. So I think activism has changed in that people have recognised that you personally can make a wee bit of difference to your community and how that can end up turning in to a landslide.

I chose SNP for a couple of reasons. First and foremost independence, but secondly I thought they were the only party that really had a depth to their policies, there was real thought behind them. Quite often I found that policies were scrutinised internally before it became public and that way a lot of the holes have already been filled before anyone else can pick them. I thought there was a good level of debate and a good level of intellect behind the policies and that it was also the policies that I think Scotland is crying out for right now. I mean the anti-austerity being the big one, you seen how that swept across Scotland, that desire, so I think that they are the best party to represent Scotland.

I think people should vote for the SNP in 2016, because first and foremost I think their record in Government so far is pretty incredible just now and especially considering how much the SNP has managed to deliver with one hand tied behind its back with cuts continually coming from Westminster, yet we have still managed to make things a priority, like no tuition fees, it is things like this that really do affect people’s lives. So I think that they have proven that they can be trusted but I also think that they have been the only party that has been really credible and really representative of what people in Scotland are looking for and what people in Scotland want and ultimately the whole purpose of the party yes is to achieve independence but it is also to make sure that Scotland always get the best it can. I can’t think of a better party that I would like to put my trust in.

To the people who want to join the SNP, I would say go online and do it just now, there is nothing stopping you. You are probably watching this online, click the button. 

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