Prioritise Active Travel

Prioritise spending on active travel (walking, running and cycling) with dedicated segregated facilities in order to provide safe and attractive environments for people, thus reducing the number of cars on the road. This leads to lower road maintenance costs as they are no longer suffering the current unsustainable levels of motor traffic, and it improves the health of the citizens of Glasgow leading to greater happiness and productivity. As shown by many studies, provision of segregated bike lanes and good pedestrian environments and the reduction of cars also increases trade to shops by up to 25% thus boosting the city's economy through local spending. Why the contribution is important This idea is important as it wil boost the city's economy, address Glasgow's shocking health record, and showcase Glasgow as a vibrant city of the future to match those in Denmark and Holland, rather than being a motorway city of the 1960s and 70s condemned to every-increasing gridlock as a result of induced demand through spending on roads for cars rather than spaces for people. If people do make Glasgow, build the city around people and people's needs.

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