Daytime Running Lights for all vehicles

Many other European countries legally require drivers to have their lights on at all times.  I feel that this would be safer for us here in Scotland. I've lost count of the number of times grey coloured cars, driving along grey roads below a grey sky have almost been invisible. Also at dawn & dusk it is so common to see people driving around who have forgotten to turn on their lights. Many drivers don't realise that their lights are not just for them to see, but for them to be seen.

If it was a legal requirement then it would remove the ambiguity around when people should turn them on and make our roads safer for all road users and pedestrians.

By 2006 drivers in 12 countries had to drive with their headlights on all year round including Sweden since 1977, Iceland, Latvia, Macedonia and Norway since around 1980, Denmark since 1990 and Romania, Slovenia and parts of Portugal since 1998.

Lithuania, Slovakia and the Czech Republic required daytime use of headlights in the winter only while Hungary and Italy required daytime running lights outside built up areas.

Even in California there are signs telling drivers to turn on their lights at all times while driving on the windy roads through mountains, it seems strange that we don't have the same requirements.

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